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B&R Project Management, Inc. (B&R) was incorporated under the laws of the State of Colorado in June 2000 and is owned and operated by Barbara Coleman, President / CEO.  The company operates primarily as a mechanical contractor providing services for the installation and removal of equipment systems. In addition, B&R also provides services in: project management consulting, baggage handling system operations and maintenance (O&M) services, construction management and related services (safety representation, QA/QC, mechanical and electrical inspection services and contract administration), and most recently, providing laborer support for numerous job-site duties that can be done with laborers instead of the higher paid skilled trade labor.  These duties include traffic control, fire watch, system testing, errand running for parts, materials, etc., general jobsite housekeeping.

Ms. Coleman has extensive experience working in the baggage handling industry.  Prior to founding B&R, she was engaged to oversee multiple baggage handling system projects at the Denver International, San Francisco International and JFK airports.   She also performs all marketing, financial and administrative tasks of the corporation.

Since 2000, B&R has provided Project Management oversight for a number of tasks related to the various baggage handling systems at Denver International Airport (DEN), in addition to baggage handling system work at San Antonio International Airport, William P. Hobby Airport; DFW, Terminal E; and St. Louis International Airport.

To ensure successful project completion, all of B&R’s projects are closely supervised by either Barbara or B&R’s Field Supervisor.  This business model ensures all of B&R’s employees have the skills necessary to perform the work, and allows B&R to flex its workforce size quickly to meet the projects needs while minimizing the costs to customers.  



B&R Project Management, Inc.’s principal owner, Barbara Coleman has worked at Denver International Airport since 1993. Barbara began working at DEN as support on the Program Management Team (PMT) and subsequently, on the contractor/subcontractor side. This makes us very familiar with the rules and regulations required to do business at DEN and get things done.

We currently do business with several general contractors at DEN. We are a licensed equipment installer, but are D/S/WBE certified in construction management and related services as well as providing laborer support. We are DBE certified in numerous states and S/WBE certified in several regional governmental agencies.

Focusing on our laborer support business to general contractors, we have identified numerous jobsite responsibilities where we can and do perform valuable services while saving you money and keeping your high paid skilled workforce focused on the job at hand. We have a fully badged staff of trained laborers who provide competent, valuable services such as site housekeeping, firewatch, running errands, assisting in system testing/startup, etc.

We are fully compliant in providing certified payrolls, B2G reporting, etc. and we have several contractors that will attest to our accomplishments. We would welcome a discussion on how we can help you meet your goals while performing much needed jobsite duties.

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For general contractors:

B&R provides services to owners as well as general contractors.  This provides a unique perspective and helps develop efficient interaction and communication between parties creating successful project results.  

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